About Our Group

Individuals as a group
each bringing different skills and knowledge
support a caregiver
supporting a child on the spectrum
enabling the child to bloom

For any caregiver affected by Autism in Kawartha Lakes,
surrounding areas and beyond

We are parents and caregivers in the City of Kawartha Lakes who have
juvenile and adolescent family members affected by Autism Spectrum
Disorders. We are a free, volunteer run, non-for-profit support group.

Our children as all children are special. Our children are also challeged
in various ways and to varying degrees by Autism and its co-morbid conditions
They are some of the most invisibly disabled. They may seem like the result
of bad parenting, but generally speaking, caregivers of children on the
spectrum are some of the most dedicated. They can be found almost endlessly
researching every possible aid to their child’s future and well being, be that
mental, physical, social, educational, or financial.

Our executive group have come together to help support ourselves and other
caregivers and provide information on services, treatments, programs,
funding, news and views that are currently available locally, within Ontario,
Canada, and Worldwide.

Just as importantly, we are working hard to increase awareness of Autism
through varied campaigns to raise funds, knowledge and tolerance for our
wonderful, special needs children. We are striving to bring services and safe
social opportunities to our children and make them available within our local

These days everyone knows someone affected by an Autism Spectrum
Disorder. If you know someone who might benefit from our support or are
wondering if a child is on the spectrum and want to know more about it, please
direct them to our website or our email. Feel free to contact us and come to a
meeting. We are here to help.